Canadian Sets A Dozen Cars On Fire, Gets Tackled To The Ground By Bystanders

A bizarre scene unfolded in Edmonton on Friday when 22-year-old Malice Sutton set more than a dozen of different vehicles on fire.

As you can see in the video caught by a redditor, Sutton is making threatening gestures while holding a gas tank and what appears to be a lighter. Despite the apparent danger, a number of people attempt to defuse the situation.

Their efforts are unsuccessful as Sutton approaches a Ford Escape and then pours gasoline onto the hood. He then sets the crossover on fire and walks across the street.

As he begins to enter a nearby Starbucks, Sutton is chased down by two men including one with what appears to be a 2×4. The man in the Hawaiian shirt tackles him to the ground, while a couple uncomfortably continue drinking their coffee. More people soon arrive to help detain Sutton and he’s eventually taken into police custody.

Warning: Videos contain NSFW language

Vice reports Sutton set multiple vehicles on fire that night and including several parked cars. This matches up with the police statement which said officers responded to calls informing them about a man traveling on foot and setting cars ablaze.

No one was injured during the incident, but Sutton faces a long list of charges including 11 counts of arson to the property of others (damage), four counts of possessing incendiary material, three counts of arson to property (disregard for human life) and one count of assault with a weapon.


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