Old Honda CR-V Goes Airborne After Run-In With Toyota Highlander

Waving through traffic is extremely dangerous and can very well have dire consequences both for you as well as other road users.

We don’t know if the driver of a first-gen Honda CR-V was trying not to miss their exit and changed their mind at the last second or were simply overtaking other vehicles on the highway as fast as they could.

In any case, this maneuver resulted in the CR-V colliding with a Toyota Highlander, whose driver lost control of his vehicle briefly. After the two made contact, the Honda crossover was sent flying off the road.

The incident took place in Detroit, Michigan, earlier this week. The dashcam footage shared by James Holowka is a little fuzzy as to what happened next, so we can’t be sure whether the CR-V landed safely up that embankment, of if it ended up crashing into anything else. We can only hope that its driver and any potential occupants made it out unharmed.

In the end, this was a truly unfortunate accident, the type that can easily result in tragedy and was caused purely by a driver’s error. It sort of reminds us of this incident from last summer, when a car flew off the road in Brandon, Mississippi, and crashed directly into a gas station.


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